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CYI eat

see why i eat: bubble tea. cake. ice cream. and more! join me as i eat all the things, possibly the entire city, especially the desserts

Recent Posts

CYI eat: Little Fox Bakehouse

Little Fox Bakehouse 8181 Cambie Rd, #1180 Richmond, BC V6X 3X9 Tues-Sat: 10am-5:30pm Have you ever eaten a Bubble Tea Croissant? Or tried a Matcha Black Sesame Mochi Donut? Or tasted a Milk Tea Cream Puff? And gotten them all from the same bakery? If you haven’t heard of Little Fox Bakehouse, I guarantee that…

CYI ate – One Shot Spotlight: Dialog Cafe, Los Angeles, California

A definitely historical and accurate depiction of how LA was created: City Contractor: “How much land mass?”Mr./Mrs. Los Angeles: “Yes.” Now you know. LA is the most gigantic city. This past summer was my third trip but I’ve never felt the expanse of city space so much (or more likely, never noticed the gps estimated…

CYI ate – One Shot Spotlight: Millé & B, Patisserie in Melbourne, Australia

Like literally, take a look. You will understand Millé & B Shop 3, 28 Bouverie St, Carlton Victoria 3053 Tues-Fri: 8am-6pmSat-Sun: 10am-4pm So. in between these two apartment buildings on Swanston St, there’s a sort of half-indoor courtyard on the ground floor. Therein lies the cute little cake shop that goes by the name of…

CYI ate: Milkcow in Melbourne, Australia

Instead of sharing food from places in the city I actually live in, I’m continuing on with the Melbourne series! ha. ha. ha. Milkcow, Melbourne 287 Swanston St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Sun-Thurs: 12pm-10pmFri-Sat: 12pm-11pm We have Milkcow in Vancouver, but I’ve never been (though I intend to soon! because summer! and ice cream!). And I…

CYI eat: at One Cake Boutique

ha that rhymes. hello! I’m glad you came to see why I eat at One Cake Boutique (*snickers some more*) One Cake Boutique 8368 Capstan Way, #1313 Richmond, BC V6X 4B4 Tues-Sun: 2pm-11pm I’ve been to One Cake a few times now, and their cakes are really. so. good. The taste is consistently quality and…

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